Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Hello everyone

Hi everyone.  I'm looking forward to working on the edem630 course, having completed edem627 in the first semester.  I really enjoyed edem627, a course in which I focused on developing an online Mandarin course using Google Plus.

I have used blogs for several years, a couple of which have gone on to be relatively successful.  I created a blog called 'Let's Learn Te Reo Maori', which has gone on to have almost 120,000 hits.  I also used a blog for EDEM627 as my journal.  I found it particularly good for this purpose, as the automatic dating for posts encouraged me to post regularly and often, leading to me constantly reflecting on my practice.

Now that I'm more aware of the course requirements (having spent most of today reading through everything to get over my confusion) I intend to use this blog to be a lot more focused in what I do, and to reflect more on what I will base my research on for the course.  I'll also be spending more time checking out the blogs of others, as, having done so today, I know that a lot of questions I have about the course will be answered by check on what my peers are up to.

I have just about finished my first term as principal of St Mary's School in Carterton.  I've had a great term; the kids, students and community in general are all pretty awesome.

I hope you have all had a good first two terms, and a really relaxing holiday awaits you!

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