Thursday, July 18, 2013

Updated research idea - in more depth

I posted my research idea (which I have modified several times) on my blog last week, but not on this forum. Earlier today I was looking at the following as my research topic:

Can social media be used by school communities to effectively access, create and share content, information, opinions and ideas?

After reading all of the other topics I have decided to narrow it down to:

Is social media and effective means for schools to engage with students and their families?

WHY did you choose the topic? What interests you about it? Do you have an opinion about the issues involved?
In my previous school I used Facebook and Twitter for engaging with students and their families.  The process for integrating social media was developed over quite a long period of time.  I have recently moved to a new school, and in doing so, implemented in a very short period of time (one week) all of the social media initiatives that I had in place at my previous school.  I do strongly believe that social media are very effective ways of engaging with students and families.

WHO are the information providers on this topic? Who might publish information about it? Who is affected by the topic? Do you know of organizations or institutions affiliated with the topic?
A number of schools are using social media, particularly Facebook and to a lesser extent Twitter.  I'm not aware of any schools using Google Plus or Pinterest.

WHAT are the major questions for this topic? Is there a debate about the topic? Are there a range of issues and viewpoints to consider?
A major question could be: how will using social media lead to increased student achievement?
A significant issue is student access to social media, particularly with age restrictions on primary school students.  In a previous course I focused on using Google Plus.  The use of the programme was restricted due to none of the students being able to have their own Google Plus accounts, not yet being 13 years of age.

WHERE is your topic important: at the local, national or international level? Are there specific places affected by the topic?
I believe that the topic is important globally; one reason being that a global audience potentially has access to school and student social media posts.

WHEN is/was your topic important? Is it a current event or an historical issue? Do you want to compare your topic by time periods?
The topic is a current issue, as social media is a relatively new phenomenon.  It's important because it places students and schools on a global stage, sharing and accessing information globally.


  1. Hi Tim
    I am really interested in the findings of your research. We are looking to use social media to engage our community. We are a U5 decile 1 school.

  2. Hi Meiwhera. My previous school is a decile 2 (prob a decile 1 after next census). I set up Facebook and Twitter there which you can check out on the school website ( Twitter is also used for class blogs. Check out my new school too on, where Facebook and Twitter are being used a lot. I hope this helps.


  3. Hi Tim,

    I've enjoyed observing the iterations as your idea matures. An interesting angle would be to compare and contrast the implementation of social media at the two schools and how this could inform your implementation of the change at the new school?

    Don't forgot to think about how you will integrate the research literature on change models etc into your study.