Monday, July 29, 2013

SP4Ed Introduction

Hi everyone.  My name is Tim Nelson, a participant in the Canterbury University EDEM630 course; Change With Digital Technology.  I'm the principal of St Mary's School, a Catholic School in Carterton, New Zealand.

My aim for this blog is twofold; the first being to stay on top of the requirements for the abovementioned Canterbury University course (I'm being honest!), and the other being to use SP4Ed format to connect with others to identify resources and ideas to support my EDEM630 focus, this being 'Is social media and effective means for schools to engage with students and their families?'

I'm also interested in the process that the MOOC offers for learning. I've created and used online learning environments several times in the past, most recently a Google Plus site to teach an online Mandarin language programme to Year 5 - 8 students in my school. I'm very interested to see if this MOOC type environment could be used on a small scale for primary school students.

I'm looking forward to networking with others on this course, regardless of your focus. I believe that some of the best learning and ideas come by stumbling across ideas and resources that you're not necessarily looking for. Several years ago I 'discovered' Google Docs when I was aimlessly looking through the 'More' link on the Google homepage. This has led to me using and promoting Google Apps extensively ever since. Perhaps I will find another equally useful resource through connecting with other participants on this course.

All the best everyone!

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  1. Hi Tim, I agree, you never know what is round the corner when you are online exploring. I've only had one authentic experience of teaching students online (a group of students in Clyde- I am in Chch)and I quickly discovered there is an immense gulf between a blended learning environment, an online course taken by a third party (with the class teacher present with the students) and an online course where you are 100's of km's away from your students - and to them you are simply a "talking head". It was a fascinating experience.